Today’s Wonderful Encounter – May 3, 2016 –

Geese Family @ Smile Back BB

A wonderful good afternoon to everyone today. People that were in the area of Smile Back Bed And Breakfast has just encountered something as surprising as having the opportunity to be acquainted with Prince Harry, who visited Toronto just yesterday. It was a great site to witness a geese family with their 6 goslings. I, Laura Japaul, was immediately behind the geese to ensure that the traffic does not harm them. All of the family gracefully traveled across the street, with my help of course, being adjacent to a bus stop. The bus driver that suddenly approached was not able to stop at its designation, but delayed traffic to admire those blessed creatures. In the beginning of the video clip updated of the geese, I was more focused on the struggling 6th gosling, which finally maneuvered its way up the curb.

The geese family should have swaddled its tails to the parks at Jane and Eglinton, which is merely 10 minutes away.

Smiling back to natures best,
Laura Japaul.

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